Something, something about this place…

I’ve changed my blog layout a bit. Better? I know my “background” is a bit girly and maybe also childish, but I like that kinda stuff. I really don’t wanna have an all-white blog. I think that’s kinda boring, and almost everyone seems to have it. So I don’t have to have it too, right?
I’ve had an appointment at the “media house” here (where they produce the local newspaper, where the local radio station is etc. etc.) cause I applied for a little event photography job. It was just me and another girl (who didn’t seem very excited about it) and I just have to “confirm” that I wanna do this by tomorrow and then I think I got it. I’m very excited about it…and I’ll definitely contact them tomorrow to tell them that I’m in it.

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  1. MundodeAlicia10.8.11

    Great photo, congrats on the job & ❤ your background :)

  2. Thank you so much!! <3

  3. It's a BABY BOW! I have a collection of these. I love all things bow. :)