This is my baby aka Penny

Today I got a call from Christine who’s giving me my puppy, that I could come around and see the baby. So my mom and I drove to her house and OMG, she’s so cute! I’m in love with my Penny :)
She had a surgery tho 2 days ago umbilical hernia but she’s fine again. Next week she’ll get her inoculation and then I can pick her up in like 1.5 weeks and take her home.

(I accidentally filmed her when I wanted to take a picture lol)


  1. omg... she is sooo cute and i absolutely adore her name. penny is a really good name and it suits her. how did you come up with penny btw???

  2. she looks so cute, i remember you saying you wanted a puppy and now you have one which is awesome.... penny is adorable name and she looks so cute you will have fun with the puppy

  3. tweeted you :)

  4. I'm so in love with that little thing.

  5. MundodeAlicia7.8.11

    Oooh Penny is the cutest dog ever!! Have fun on Sunday, wish I could come & visit you at that market :)