I don't need try to control you look into my eyes and I'll own you

Photobucket Stressful week is over. Tomorrow I got school. And I’m already booked out on the weekend.
I also saw that someone googled my full and real name and “blog”…wtf? Whatever…
I just went for a long walk with Penny…where I can let her run around without a leash. She met new dogs there ahahaha…as usual. And she’s never scared of them, she’s more like attacking them.


  1. Dorota Romanek29.9.11

    Hey! You are beautiful :) Great blog and nails :)
    I follow you and are you follow me?

  2. sara posch29.9.11

    ist eigentlich nicht so schwierig.. wenn du eine vorlage hast dann musst du nur mit gefühl schnitzen.. nur mut.. fängst halt mit nem kleinen an.. und wenns klappt mit einem großen um ihn vor dir tür zu stellen :)