School’s back

PhotobucketThe only photo I got today lol.
I wanted to take outfit photos but after my first school day my hair looks amazingly shitty. So I’ll take them tomorrow after shopping and going to the vet with Penny.
When I got back home today my mom and I went for our usual walk to the river where we can let her run off the leash. Penny of course found new friends there again haha. AND she did all the things we’ve learned at the puppy course!
In school we’ve got new students…they put another class into our current class…OMG!!! I keep thinking “What the hell am I doing here?!” I feel like in a shitty reality soap or something with all those jerks! I don’t even care if anyone of them reads this. I have really cool people in my class, seriously. But a couple people are…I don’t even know how to describe them. If you’re German or Austrian or something like that you might know the TV programme on RTL in the afternoon…that’s how my class is!! Apart from that…I like the timetable lol.

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