Crack Nails

Photobucket I finally found a “cracking top coat” nail polish! I’m not used to that look on my nails yet.
But no one at work said anything lol. I’ll keept my nails like that for a few days (then I’m bored of it anyway).
It’s finally weekend. I didn’t have school today so I had to work. I feel ill…
When I came home from work my puppy was gone…my mom went to her bff and took Penny with her.


  1. rollingcherry14.10.11

    I don't know why but somehow I don't really like that crackling-nails-stuff. It always looks like the nail polish is already bursting off again...

  2. Pssshhht14.10.11

    That is true. Es schaut ein bisschen schäbig aus. Wird sicher nicht mein "meist getragener nagellack" werden.

  3. Jadine15.10.11

    I love it. I find it looks amazing with baby blue under it. :)