Stones in the road? I save every single one, and one day I’ll build a castle.

I wore this for the graduation ball I went to take pictures at last night  PLEASE IGNORE THE BACKGROUND. I took those photos after gettin back home lol.
I met a couple of nice ppl I know, so it was good tho the ball itself wasn’t good IMO.
Yesterday the puppy course ended :(


  1. Marina ...13.11.11

    das Kleid ist echt schön! :)
    ooh also wenn du noch nie in Paris warst dann musst du da auf jeden Fall mal hin! es ist so wunderschön dort :)

  2. awww -- you looked really pretty. good that the ball wasn't a total failure. i bet it was nice catching up with some old friends. so tell me... where can i see the photos you took? :-)

  3. Kasia L14.11.11

    aww youu look so cute!! :)
    p.s. im organising a giveaway on my blog, maybe youd like to take part? :)
    XOXO Kasia