GlossyBox January

Photobucket So I finally managed to take photos and even open the box. I got it on Monday but just had no power to open it – as I wrote in my last post I’m sick.
So since this Glossybox is also a Valentine’s Day Edition it is bright pink – which I quite like to be honest.
So what’s in the box?
- Clinique High Impact Mascara: I’m really glad that this isn’t a mascara for long lashes. I don’t like those. I like mascaras which make your lashes really really thick and doesn’t separate the lashes. So I hope the mascara really is a good volume mascara. I haven’t tried it yet, the other products either.
- Kérastase Elixir Ultime: It says that this is an oil for the hair – you can use it in many different way. Depends on what “hair problem” you have. I guess I’m gonna use it for my tips – so that I can brush my hair easier and I guess it’s not bad for my “ex-ombre-hair” tips.
- Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer: Just like the lovely Lina said on her Blog – I can’t wait to try this out. In the past I never ever used moisturizer cause I had rather oily skin. Now I just have an oily T-zone but the area next to my nose is pretty dry. I already use the seaweed lotion during the day before I put on my make-up – but during the night I have nothing on. So I hope this one will help my little problem a bit.
- Lancôme Génifique – Konzentrat: I have no idea how to use this to be honest. Well, not exactly. I read the little instruction in the little box in which this product came – but for some reason didn’t find anything how to exactly use it. I guess I’ll just smear it on my face and end. Tho I don’t even need an anti-aging product. I’m 23 wrinkle-less. But have an anti-aging product in every beauty box haha.
- Styx Naturkosmetic: It’s a body milk which smells like Oranges and Mandarins. Enough said I guess. I think everyone can imagine what kinda product this is. :)
I’m pretty sure I’ll try every product. I always do that. Even if it’s just once. I just have to know how it is. If I wouldn’t try it what’s the point in buying a beauty box then?

PS: Thank you to for posting my link on the forum!! I just wanted to say my box is not German it's the Austrian version :) 


  1. Hast du aber Glück gehabt mit den Produkten....habe schon Boxen diesen Monat gesehen, da konnte man garnichts verwenden....

  2. The more I read it, the more it impresses me.I would like to thank you for your outstanding blog post. Keep it up! Awesome!

  3. Clarisse4.2.12

    Give Genifique to your mom... Genifique is amazing! But, it's not for you... :)