Write drunk; edit sober.

Photobucket Today not a spectacular photo just my Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.
I’m going out in two hours and I’m not very motivated. I didn’t plan to go out this weekend cause I wanted to chill the days before I have to work again.
I was just looking out of the window watching Penny running around in the garden when suddenly there was a loud crash. My mom and I went to the door and then saw that there was a car accident in front of our house. Why do some douchebags ignore Stop signs?! In the other car there was a young family with 2 kids!


  1. Ach... das Tattoo ist so cool :)

  2. missisippi7.1.12

    sehr cooles Tatoo! :)

  3. OMG WIE GEIL ist das denn bitte ?? :D LIEBE