You see things, and you say why? But i dream things that never were, and say why not”?

Photobucket I wore this on Friday Night when I went to the clubbing. Sorry for the stupid background, sorry for the semi-dirty mirror – I took these right before leaving for the clubbing, so I had no time to build up my camera equipement. Also I had to take my camera with me since I was there as a photographer.
Yesterday I’ve been at my grandma’s for New Years – it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. But certain people weren’t there.
Penny didn’t make any trouble, they all found her super cute.
Today I’ll have to buy Penny a new collar since she destroyed the one she had. She bit through it.


  1. Really nice dress, love the colours! Happy New Year!

  2. Annika Unattaiinable2.1.12

    dankeschöön. dir auch ein frohes neues. das shirt sieht genial aus ^^