That’s my prize!

Yup! I won this!
There was a raffle called Valentierstag here. The commercial was everywhere. So I thought I’m gonna send in my bill where I bought dog treats for Penny once. And suddenly I got a mail that I’ve won.
I could pick dog food for 500 Euros – and today it all arrived. As you can see it’s a shit load of dog food!
I have no idea where to storage it.
I win something once in my life – and then it’s for my dog!!
At least I won’t have to buy dog treats for a long time anymore haha.

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  1. Hi gorgeous! Just wanted to let you know I have included a link to your post on Glossybox Valentine's box on my latest blog post. Hope you do not mind!
    Plus I have became a new follower,
    Here is the link!