Glossybox March

I got my Glossybox today. My mom called me at work to tell me. Cause I was desperately waiting for it – I thought it’s not been sent cause I usually get a mail that it’s payed but this time I didn’t. I even sent Glossybox mails asking if there’s something wrong? Cause Lina got it already and usually we get it the same time and as I said I didn’t get a mail.
But enough of my little almost drama.

Arteco Eyeshadow Pearl: I found this a little ridiculous to be honest. Cause when you open it – there is ONE eyeshadow in it (a color I already have in various pallettes) and the other three colors are just pictures. So it looks like there are 4 eyeshadow colors in it….but there is actually only one, cause the other 3 are just pictures.

Eau Thermale Avène Thermalwasserspray: I already love that one! It’s perfect for summer. I wanted to have a spray like that for a while but never bought/found one. Now I have one – and I’ll have it in my handbag. So I can use it in summer, when it’s hot outside.

Korres Nautral Products Basil Lemon Showergel: Smells a little bit like toilet cleaning stuff…but I still used it today haha.

Jester Lorena Cosmetics Bodylotion: Another bodylotion in my collection of bodylotions which I never really use. I have bodylotions but after showering I either forge about them or am too lazy to smear it all over my body.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Oil Miracle: Another hair oil. I sometimes use it…but I feel like it’s kind of useless, cause my hair tips are healthy and not dry or destroyed. I don’t have dry hair at all.

There were also 2 additional products in the box:
Tiroler Nussöl – which means “nutoil” – never heard of that before, but maybe I’m gonna use it. It’s like sunscreen – but I got the type for “used to sun”-skin, which is perfect I guess. I usually never use sunscreen – never had a sunburn (knocks on wood). The only problem is – the tube is tiiiiny. It’s probably not even enough for my face!
There was also a nail file called Quicky in the box – I’m not gonna use it. I’m gonna give it away as a present as soon as I get the chance. I don’t use nail fils which make shiny nails or smooth ones etc. It’s not making much sense for me. So away with it.


  1. tolle boy mit tollem inhalt :)



  2. Dein Design ist sehr schön! :)
    shabbyblogs macht sich schön hier :D
    Ich habe auch schon lange überlegt mir eine zu abonnieren :/
    Ich würde mich riesig freuen, wenn du für mich voten könntest! onlyhappygirlshaveaperfectlife:*

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  4. Wow! You got some great things! I love glossy box :D

  5. eine schöne Box hast du erhalten :)

    Vielen Dank für deinen Kommi, ich folge dir gleich :)

  6. Tolle Box, gefällt mir gut :-)

    Ich folge deinem Blog, auch Lust meinem Blog zu folgen:

  7. oooh soo nice!! i had the Eau Thermale Avène as well, it was really good! now i have the Vichy one, it works just as well! :)

  8. Great post. I've always been interested in sample boxes. Never gotten round to signing up for one yet, though.


  9. die artdeco eyeshadows sind ja toll :D

  10. great post, i still haven't signed up for one of these boxes though

    you have such a lovely blog, definitely following!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  11. vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar Süße :* Mit der Box hast du mich jetzt aber echt neidisch gemacht! Sind tolle Sachen drin!

  12. wow das ist ja mal eine tolle box ♥

    Liebe Grüße

  13. Hatte die gleiche :)


  14. Cool post dear :)

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  15. I am so imrpessed.

  16. Wow, so ein toller Inhalt! 'ne echt gute Box.

  17. Süßer Blog, mir gefällt dein Header total gut :)

    Hast du Lust dich bei meiner Blogvorstellung zu bewerben? Kannst ja mal vorbei schauen, vielleicht lohnt es sich ja :)
    Viel Glück!

  18. Looks like a great box this month, wish we could get this in NZ
    Your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!
    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin'??


    Ohhh by the way we have a great giveaway on at the moment!

  19. schöner Blog!

    mach doch mal bei meiner BLOGVORSTELLUNG mit!:)

  20. everything you do is so good.

  21. Woow. *-*
    Bei der Glossybox hattest du ja richtig Glück, da werde ich ja fast etwas neidisch. o:

    ♥, Sabrina

  22. scheinen tolle produkte mit drin zu sein :))

  23. Klasse Produkte! Besonders der Lidschatten von Artdeco hat es mir sehr angetan! :)

    Übrigens: Momentan verlose ich Layout,
    vielleicht hast du ja Lust mitzumachen? :)