Mini Haul

I went to the shopping center today and bought a couple of things. Of coure I forgot to buy the product I went there for *facepalm*!!
I also met like half of my family there!
I bought this color for textiles – to color my underwear. Usually when you buy panties (those packs with 3) there’s always this one WHITE panty! I hate hate hate hate hate white underwear (just like white socks). So I’m gonna color them – and there won’t be a white panty in my closet anymore.
I also bought a new mascara. Well, not entirely new – cause this is the mascara I always use. The old one was just old and used and I had to get a new one. This mascara is super cheap it’s not even 3 € but I love it. It’s the only mascara I found so far that makes my lashes thick and sticky. I don’t like it if it separates my lashes. I want them thick and black. Like doll eyes. If you know what I mean…
I saw this BB cream on TV in a commercial…yeh, commercials sometimes influence what I buy! I don’t know how it is yet – I haven’t tried it out yet. But will start tomorrow.
EDIT: I tried it out today. Not gonna buy it again. I don't know what the sense of it is. It makes no difference whether it's in your face or not (only if you don't blend it in - cause it's super orange).
Masks – used them before. I especially like the “Thermo-mask” – it’s getting warm when you put it on your skin. Kind of weird. But it’s good.
Candle – with a niiiice smell.
Photobucket And I bought a new bag for sunglasses. I had the pink one and the blue one for a while now – BUT yesterday my sunglasses (in the middle) fell out of my mom’s handbag. I was looking for those shades for almost half a year!! First my dad broke my old ones (same ones) then I wanted to buy a new pair but couldn’t find them anymore. When I finally found them – I lost them again!!! And now my mom had them in her bag and no one knew!!! So now that i re-found my sunnies, I had to buy another bag. I love those bags. They’re practical and I love the colors.
I have way more sunglasses – but these 3 are the ones I use the most. I have them in my handbag all the time.
I also bought new shoes – but they’re so unspectacular that I didn’t take a photo (and I had already put them in the closet) – same with the 2 new shirts I got :) (a plain white T and a pink tank-top).

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