Walking on the water

I took this photo at my grandma’s a couple of weeks ago. Yes, this is a cat on the leash. It’s my cousine’s cat. She takes that cat out like a dog, even has a bag where she carries it around. WTF? I find that so freakish! Is that already animal cruelty? It’s sick. If you want to go for a walk with an animal on the leash, get a dog! But oh wait, dogs have the dork clichée. Of course a cat is way cooler and more elegant. *facepalm* Sick.

Yesterday at work I answered the phone (as usual – I’m always the one who has to answer the phone there) and then my grandpa was the caller! He looked for the number of my work-place and called just to ask me if I could buy him a figure for his garden!! Unbelievable! He totally planned that – cause he knew all the infos like when the shop’s open, how much that figure is etc.
I’m gonna buy that thing today (got a free day) and give it to him on Monday as an Easter present. 5,—are OK. Lol.

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