Bless your soul


I have some posts planned but I don’t wanna post outfit after outfit and product review after product review. So I thought I’m gonna post some Penny photos which I haven’t done in a while I noticed.
Been shopping with her today – and at the hair dresser getting my eyebrows done. She was sitting on my lap while this girl was working on my eyebrows. She didn’t do a great job tho – she forgot some parts –.- I guess I’ll have to drive to the other hair dresser who did my eyebrows the first time. But I have to drive to another town for that –.- Uh, yeh, I have some serious problems.

I’m going to the flea market tomorrow btw – trying to sell some crap.


  1. Ich mag Bayern auch überhaupt nicht ;) Aber ich mag einige der Spieler gern und denen hätte ich es gegönnt. Ist nun sowieso vorbei :D Bin gespannt, was die EM so bringt :)

    Liebste Grüße,

    Ps: Der Hund ist wirklich knuffig <3