Jessica Cosmetics

Photobucket (I obviously took this photo before I broke my toes!)

The other day I got a mail from Stephi from Jessica Cosmetics that they’re gonna send me some products I could test. 2 days later I had those 3 nail polishes in my hands.
First of all – I absolutely love the colors! I didn’t have any of these colors in my nail polish collection yet (and it’s not a small collection actually)  - which made it even better.
I already got the colors on my finger nails and toe nails haha.
I had to put on 2 layers of the pink polish – but with the blue one 1 layer was enough.
The colors look absolutely great! And they’re so shiny! Let’s see how long it’ll stay on my nails – I hope it’s not chipping off too soon.
EDIT: after 1 week of wearing it on my nails - nothing chipped off yet. LOVE.

Thank you so much to Jessica Cosmetics for being so lovely and sending me those polishes! Thank you!!

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