Maybelline Super Stay 10h Tint Gloss

I’ve never been someone who wore lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm. NEVER. I didn’t even have any lip sticks. I only had transparent lip glosses or lip balms but never really used them.
I felt weird and completely over styled whenever I wore lip colors. But then suddenly I felt like wearing some lip color. First I thought I looked like a clown or something when I wore lip stick. Now I totally changed my mind about it.

Enough of that blah blah – I decided to buy the Super Stay Lip Tint from Maybelline. I’m such a “commercial-buyer” it’s bad. I saw this lip tint on TV and thought “Amazing! Must have!” and since I had a voucher I got that lip tint.

I tried it out and I loooove it! I love the color and I love how easy peasy you can apply it! In my opinion way easier than lip stick. I also like that you hardly feel that you’re wearing lip color. And I also think it lasts way longer than lipstick/lipgloss.
I’m definitely gonna buy at least one more of these – maybe a bit darker.



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