Glossybox May

Photobucket 01. I wanted to buy  a new blusher – I only have a bronzer right now. I’m glad I haven’t bought one yet, cause I got a really nice one in this months Glossybox haha. (It came with a glossy box brush btw)
02. Another product I wanted to buy already but haven’t yet. I was looking for a nude lipgloss for a while now – I wanted one that makes me look like I have no lips. Haven’t found a good one yet. Now I got one. THIS.
03. Nail polish! Can’t have enough of those, no? Best is – I didn’t have the color yet haha.
04. This lotion will be put in my box with products I won’t use. I’ll give it to people for birthdays or something as a present. There are lotions, lip glosses, perfumes etc. It’s not like it’s trash – it’s just stuff I don’t need/use or already have.
05. Is for men. I gave it to my brother. He tried it out after shaving and ran around being like “Feel my skin! It’s like baby skin! So smooth!!”
06. This beauty water is so funny to me. I never saw this before. It’s just a bit ridiculous to be honest. But I’ll drink it hahaha.
As much as I love the Glossybox. I love getting new products every month. I need to say this.
It annoys me – no, it actually pisses me off – that they charge this box at like the beginning of the month but send it by the end of the month and we mostly get it on the last day of the month or even at the beginning of the next month. Like this time! It’s JUNE and I got my MAY Glossybox. That wouldn’t be the biggest problem. But since they charge the box at the beginning of the month it seems like they need the money to fill the box. I just think it really sucks to take the money almost a month before sending the box.

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