Got you wrapped around my finger

Dress: H&M

As I mentioned in the “I’m Back” blog post, I got a new hair style.
I thought about whether to cut my bangs or not for a while cause I used to have bangs in the past a couple of times, and I always regreted cutting them.
In the end I came to the conclusion that I hate my side parting which looked as if I was bald on the one side of my head so much, that I cut it. And I think it looks way better than before.
The only problem left is – that bangs are a pain in the ass to take care off. I cut it like a month ago and I already have to get back to the hair dresser to make it a bit shorter, cause they fall in my eyes all the time. And in summer you sweat a lot with them.
Well, I guess it’s worth it.

Last day of work tomorrow – then VACATION!


  1. pewh! do it by yourself!! :O
    Stirnfranseln kann man ganz gut selber schneiden! ;D

    1. omg i han echt Stirnfranseln gschrieba! :D haha, siachs als GAG

    2. I leider ned.
      Koschtat bim Friseur eh nix hehe. Für's Nochschnieda hon i no nia was zahla müssa und bruch ou kan Termin. I bin nur zu faul zum ane go.

  2. What a pretty dress! You look so lovely! I took the plunge earlier this year and cut my hair in to a full fringe and have loved it since! Would love it if you could take a peek at my new blog, you might like what you see! I hope so : )
    Dunya of