Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies.

Shorts: Forever21 // Shirt: H&M

Last post for this week – because I’m going to Stuttgart tomorrow. Can’t wait to do some shopping mwahaha. I haven’t bought anything the last couple of days cause of that.
Since I’m there for only 2 nights and not even 3 days I really don’t know what to take with me or what to wear! I’m not 100% sure what the weather’s gonna be like. Maybe I’m gonna take the outfit in the picture above with me. Do guys have those problems? Guess not.
And as if that wasn’t enough I have to think of what dog stuff I’m gonna take with me. Food, bed, water, etc. Yep, Penny is coming with us. Hope she’ll be a good girl.


  1. adorable top! have fun on your trip

    - ordaining serendipity

  2. Fantastic photos Honey!!!!!! I discover your blog today and I love it too much. You have new follower from Istanbul, if you can join to my blog I will be very happy.

  3. Aw danke <3

  4. Oh ich mag deinen Style! Ich will noch ganz viel davon sehen und damit ich nichts verpasse folge ich deinem Blog mal lieber :D Wenn du magst, bist du auch ganz herzlich zu meinem Gewinnspiel eingeladen :*

  5. oh das outfit gefällt mir ^_^
    das shirt ist toll :)

  6. ECHT NICHT ? schade, weil ich wollte nächste woche auch mit meiner schwester nach stuttgart shoppen..
    dankee und süßer blog :)

  7. Ah I really like the top! Before I checked where it was from I thought it looked like H&M haha, it's really nice, such an easy way to update a day outfit, you look really cute!
    : )

  8. hey,
    danke für dein kommentar!
    ich mag dein tattoo schaut schön aus!!

    xoxo milla