Shirt: uksoccershop // Shorts: H&M
Some of you might know it, some of you might not know it. But I'm a huge football fan. My favorite teams are (obviously) Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team (besides the Austrian one of course - but we all know how amazing Austria is in football -.-).
In May my brother came to me and asked if I could order him a Spain football shirt - my brother who never liked football, but obviously decided to become a football fan for the Euros2012. Of course I did that. I've ordered his shirt (of a player he didn't even know how he looks like!) and took the chance to order one for myself too. I wanted the newest Real Madrid shirt BUT they didn't have it in stock yet - so I've waited a couple of days. They still didn't have it so I've ordered another one (from last season). About three days after I placed my order I got the newsletter from UKSoccerShop, where I've ordered the shirts, saying they've got the new Real Madrid shirt in stock! Argh!
Later my brother's shirt arrived - mine wasn't in the bag. So, I waited - and after like a month I sent them a mail asking what's up with my shirt. They told me that they don't have it in stock but they're trying to get it for me. So I waited - and after another month I asked them again. They told me they still didn't get it - if I wanted to pick another shirt. YESSSS!!!! That was my chance to get the newest Real Madrid shirt. And as you can see in the photos above - I got it.
You probably don't care anyway - but that's the story behind that shirt. And no, I didn't get this shirt because I just think Sergio Ramos is hot (he's not ugly tho). He's an amazing football player! That's how I noticed him in the first place. And I'm not watching football to see hot guys. I put all of my heart in this - which is not good. I'm way too emotional when it comes to football and my teams.


  1. vielen dank für den kommentar :)! immerhin ist heute freitag, ich wünsch dir ein schönes, erholsames wochenende :)

    was arbeitest du denn?
    oh übrigends tolles shirt *_*

  2. vielen dank für deinen kommentar.
    haha, ja wenn ich das jetzt nochmal so lese mit der Wasserski Party klingt das schon irgendwie witzig.
    Es wird auch ein Feuerwerk und einen DJ geben, yeah :D

    Lichtzirkus Photographie

  3. Ganz toller Blog und super Bilder!

    lg, Paula