Thank you!

I know I said it a couple of time but I guess you can’t say enough Thank you’s if you really mean it. So, thank you so so much to the lovely and amazing Katharina!! She posted the nicest things anyone has ever said/written about me. When I first read it I seriously had tears in my eyes. It’s so sweet and it made me super happy. We met through the internet (don’t worry – we know each other in REAL LIFE too by now) – and most people are gonna roll their eyes when they hear that people met through the internet – BUT I gotta say, I met some of the most amazing and nicest people online. Who share my interests, understand me and do not stab a knife in my back just because I’m not like them, which makes me obviously a freak.
I’m not as good at writing as Katharina is – so to keep it short – A BIG BIG THANK YOU “straight from my heart”!

Check out her blog here –> CLICK

Also, the two of us made a Facebook Group for Austrian Bloggers - so, if you're an Austrian Blogger click HERE and join us!!

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