Destroying things is much easier than making them.


Dress: H&M

My dad and I planned on going to the flea market to get rid of some of the shit load of stuff we got and do not need anymore. We got up early – and just before getting in the car we looked at each other and decided not to go.
A couple of hours later we went there just to see how that flea market is – we’ve never been at that location – and we were relieved we didn’t go there to sell stuff. It’s horrible compared to the flea market we usually go to.

BTW I sponantiously bought a new phone yesterday – and I’m so happy with it. I’m even more addicted to social media than I was before (and I’m a master of social media!) – because the new phone makes it way way easier to get there than my old one.


  1. This h&m dress is lovely, make the most of it before summer goes! :) xxx

    1. thank you!
      the good thing is i can wear tights with i can still wear it after summer :)

  2. tolle farben-steht dir super!

  3. dein Kleid ist richtig schön, ich mag die Farben :)