Gillette Venus ProSkin

This might be an unusual post and some people might find it weird. But I thought I’m gonna post this anyway haha.
The reason is – I love this shaver!
I always used to buy cheap razors. I found the others too expensive and didn’t want to spend so much money on a stupid razor. But then I saw on blogs like Zoella or Llymlrs what they wrote about the more expensive razors.
I finally decided to try a Gillette Venus razor. And I should’ve done that before. I absolutely love it.
With the cheap razors I always had the feeling they’re scratching over my skin and I had red stains all over my legs. I could hardly shave them every day.
But with the Gillette Venus ProSkin – no scratching, no red stains…not even when I shave my legs every day.
I was amazed haha.
I’m definitely not going back to using cheap razors anymore.


  1. I've actually never used any razor apart from these, they're so good!

  2. der ist mir irgendwie zu groß... ich benutze immernoch den allerersten Gilette Rsierer, diesen dunkel blauen ohne viel SchnickSchnack ;)

  3. dankeschön :))) <3