I follow you deep sea, baby

Photobucket Blouse: H&M // Shorts: Forever 21

I was so mad on Sunday cause of the store that sold me my new contact lenses. I had to get new ones since my eyes got kinda worse. After trying out two pairs of test contact lenses which were burning and giving me headaches – the store decided to order my old contacts in the new size. They ordered a 6-month-pack right away. I put them in last Sunday and I got so mad – cause I couldn’t see as well as I should. Now I got a 6-month-pack of contact lenses for 133,—Euros and they were crap!
After a while I decided to change the contacts – I put the contact lense from the right eye in my left one and the left in the right one. Now it’s better.
They totally wrote Right on the pack of the contacts for my left eye.
How stupid!
I was close to going to that store and get my money back or something. And now I found out they just confused left and right. *facepalm*


  1. boaa richtig schöne bluse.. steht dir super!

  2. Die Bluse ist total schön :)

  3. das outfit ist echt klasse! die bluse gefällt mir :)
    jetz habe ich wieder einen ohrwurm von "i follow rivers" :D

  4. Das Outfit ist wunderschön!:) Du hast einen wundervollen Blog♥ Mach weiter so!
    Vllt. magst du mich ja auch auf Instagram suchen: sweetkissesinstagram
    Viele Grüße von Lie