Glossybox September

Before I start to review the products I gotta say something about the design. I mean it’s cute and everything. But why does the Austrian Glossybox have to have “German Oktoberfest” stuff in it. Like there were also nail stickers in it with the Barvaria Flag on. HUH? I just don’t get it. Maybe just cause I’m not a Oktoberfest fan.

PhotobucketPhotobucket 01. I love the smell of the soap so so much – but I’m not using it yet. I keep until I got my own apartment and then maybe use it.

02. I tried that out. But it makes my skin feel like a rubber. And when I wake up in the morning it’s oily.
03. I really like the color. I used it once and I liked it. But I just use lipsticks etc. not often enough.
04. Havent’t tried it out yet – cause of the reason above – I just don’t use stuff like that often enough.
05. I’d probably love it if it was for my hair. This spray that came in the Glossybox is for very dry hair. I definitely do not have that. I used it for my bleached tips but just once or twice. But it smells pretty well. lol



  1. oh wow -- for once we had the same stuff in the glossybox. i'm really curious if we get one this month and when! it kind of became a gamble!! and it's getting really annoying. :-D

  2. great products!

    xx, rebecca

  3. I love your super sweet photos, and the products in this glossy box looks pretty nice!