Pink elephant is in the room and she is singing out of tune, la la la


Today I drove to Innsbruck – not just because I love love love Innsbruck – that’s not a secret. A Primark opened there in September. I HAD TO GO THERE! (Had to drive like 2 hours – but it’s the nearest Primark).
I bought so much stuff – after I found my orientation again. When I got into that store I didn’t know where to look or go first. I was so confused with all these clothes and people and and and…
In the end I left the store with 4 bags. Then we had lunch and I went back in…and brought 2 more bags.
I just love the clothes and they’re so so cheap!!
I’m not gonna make a haul video – I think it’s boring to hold up piece after piece.
I’ll take some outfit photos tomorrow (hopefully) and then put them up.

The photos above are from yesterday when I was at my grandma’s btw. With Penny’s toy in my hand haha.


  1. Hübsche fotos :)
    Na da hastenja auch richtig zugeschlagen : D

    Liebste Grüße ViktoriaSarina

    1. ja haha. wenn man nicht so oft das völlig ok finde ich :)

  2. hi!
    Du hast einen wirklich tollen Blog.
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du Lust auf gegenseitiges Verfolgen hättest und mal bei mir vorbeischauen würdest !

    Liebe Grüße