VICHY Normaderm night

I was looking for a product for my oily skin for so long. I never really used a lotion over the night cause I would wake up every morning with super oily skin.
I didn’t want to try out expensive products either since if they don’t work the way I want it – it’s a waste of money.
But after a while I decided to look for something for oily skin at pharmacies. And found this Vichy lotion.
I put it on and after the first night my skin was soft, smooth….and not oily at all. It wasn’t dry. It just wasn’t oily. It felt exactly how I wanted my skin.
I will definitely buy it again as soon as this one is used up. It was worth it’s 16 or 19 Euros (I can’t remember the exact price).

I bought the day version as well…I’ll post a review soon.

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  1. I have the same night lotion and I absolutely love it!
    Actually, most of the products from Vichy are great:)