Are you excited for Christmas?


Are you excited for Christmas? I would be – if I had time. Since I’m working my life is so un-christmas-y it’s sad. I just don’t get into the mood until I have a couple of free days before Christmas. I don’t even have time to make cookies – and if I have time, I’m too tired and just wanna do nothing for a change.
I love Christmas so much, the lights, the food, the excitement, the presents, the whole family being together – just the whole package. And it’s kinda sad that I just can’t enjoy it as much as I’d love to.


  1. NEIN wie süß ist das denn!!
    Ich bin seit etwa einem Monat total in Weihnachtsstimmung. :) Ich liebe diese Zeit.

  2. Gdańsk is very beautiful indeed. It's one of my favourite cities. :)

  3. So süß :) ich habe einen ähnlichen Schneemann, der kann aber leider nicht leuchten...

    Liebste Grüße ViktoriaSarina