Glossybox October

01. I really do not like waterproof mascara. Of course it’s not cool to have mascara under your eye but I’m not running around in the rain, you know. Plus, it’s just such a pain in the ass to get the mascara off your lashes. I’ll keep my current mascara (Essence “I <3 Extreme”).

02. This hand creme smells so good. I keep it in my box at home tho. I already have an amazing “natural” hand creme from The Body Shop – and I really only need a hand creme in winter for the back of my hands. My knuckles get really dry when it’s cold and mostly my skin rips open and starts bleeding – which is obviously not so much fun.

03. This eye pencil is probably not gonna make it to my “make up I use” stuff. I don’t really use eye pencils – I use liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner. And the glitter pieces in the pencil are irritating me as well btw.

04. I LOVE ORIGINS. I probably wouldn’t buy this exact product. But I just bought a couple of Origins products, like that spot remover, hair shampoo and face cleanser the other day and I think the products are worth the money.

05. I don’t use oils or stuff for dry hair in general. I already have oily hair.


PLUS - the lovely Paula from Dessert First invited me to join her Blog Introduction challenge.
Since I really like her blog so far I'm gonna join and put her link here - so you can check it out, cause it's worth it ;)


  1. haha I completely agree I prefer none waterproof mascaras as well for the exact same reason. I do not run around and cry all day nor does a raincloud stalk me! Oh and origins, I swear to most of their products but I haven't tried that one either :)

    x Seph

  2. Hey, auf meinem Blog läuft gerade eine Blogvorstellung und da ich deinen Blog wirklich schön finde, würde ich mich total freuen, wenn du Lust hast mitzumachen! ♥