ORIGINS–Super Spot Remover

I saw reviews of this product on a couple of blogs and decided to buy it myself. It sounded like the exact product I wanted to have. And it didn’t disappoint me.
I absolutely love it. You put it on the spot and it magically disapears.
I’m so happy with that product – it was worth it’s almost 18 Euros. The bottle is really tiny – but you need so little to put on the spot it’ll last a while.
I don’t have many spots usually – but some from time to time. But since I’m using the Super Spot Remover they disapeared.

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  1. wow, das freut mich für dich! Ich hoffe dass es bei mir mit der Wohnung auch schnellstmöglich klappt :) Was arbeitest du denn?

    Liebe grüße