GlossyBox December 2012

YES, I got TWO boxes. It’s a really long story and I’ll try to keep it short.
End of November I had to change my credit card infos on the Glossybox subscription – I was looking for that on the website, so I could change it. No success. So I wrote a mail to Glossybox where to change my credit card info. They told me it’s not possible. WTF? They told me that I have to place another order and delete the old one. Problem is that I was paying the “old price” cause I’m a customer from the first second on. If I placed a new order I would’ve had to pay the “new price”. Of course I didn’t want that – who would?!
They gave me a code so I could have the box for my old price – I placed the new order, deleted the old one and everything seemed OK.
Then in December I saw that I had to pay for the box twice and in January I even saw that I had to pay the “new price”. AND i got a second December box at the beginning of January!!
Of course I wrote Glossybox another mail – they told me I had placed the new order to early (how the hell should I’ve known that?!) – and that the code for the old price didn’t work the way they thought it would.
That’s why I got TWO boxes in December.
01. I love the concealer – the only problem is…it’s too dark. I really like “dry” concealers – and this one is perfect (if it wasn’t too dark). Now I've ordered a very light one from NYX at the Douglas online shop.
02. This is something I don’t really need. I don’t have dyed hair or needs any special treatment.
03. Haven’t tried it out yet – I have so so many body lotions I have to use up the ones I already have before I start using this one.
04. Used it once. Nothing special. Just a normal lipgloss in my opinion. I’m not a huge lipgloss fan – I hate when my hair sticks to my lips.
05. I haven’t even smelled it. I just put the bottle in the box I give away as presents etc. I was disappointed I had that perfume in it and not the Moschino one.
Extra1. I always wanted fake lashes but I didn’t want to buy any – I didn’t want to spend money on something that might not work or something. I still need to try them out – I don’t know when to wear them to be honest. But I’m obsesssed with lashes.
Extra2. Haven’t smelled that either – went straight into that certain box too. I have my three perfumes and that’s all I use right now.

01. Same concealer as in the first box.
02. Mascara I’ll use as an “emergency mascara” – I don’t know exactly how good it is, but it’ll do as an “emergency mascara”. It’s really tiny and perfect for a little handbag (going out).
03. Sun protection stick? I don’t use sun protection (I know, I know I should! Never had a sun burn tho) – and then a stick? I don’t know.
04. I also use this as an “emergency product” for traveling or going out. It’s  a really really tiny bottle haha.
05. Same here “emergency/travel product” – I keep this in my make-up bag which I use when I’m driving to my parent’s.
Extra01. Perfume tester. Will give it away.
Extra02. And I commented the eye lashes already.

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