I just wanna feel this moment

PhotobucketLeggins, Coat: H&M // Boots: Jello

I took these photos a couple of days ago – right now I’m in bed and on the couch sick. I got the flu.
But I don’t wanna complain about it – we all know how it is being sick.

Why I got yellow coat? Everyone’s got those black or gray coats – I need a bit color. I already hate winter cause it’s cold and not very sunny. Winter usually makes me a bit depressive. So I need a bit color in my life – and I think yellow is a rather happy color (red is an option in winter coats too – but I don’t like red). The only problem is I have to be careful with it. It’s a light color and gets dirty easily. Especially if stupid drivers drive through puddles and you get a shower while walking on the sidewalk – as it happened to me this winter with that coat. I was so angry I even cried (and I was scared that my brandnew coat (which was rather expensive for me) is ruined – luckily it wasn’t).


  1. die jacke gefällt mir sehr. hast du einen post zu dem catrice lippenstift? bei mir hat er definitiv farbe auf die lippen gemacht

    1. danke!
      nein hab keinen post zu dem lippenstift. aber könnte ich eigentlich mal machen. mal schauen :)