Live while we’re young


As you might have read/noticed. I got a car. I bought it a couple of weeks ago. I love it – tho it doesn’t have any “features”. But I really like to drive with it.
Before I got the new job, the new apartment and the car I didn’t drive much. Actually almost never. I didn’t have to. I could walk to work or drive by bike. But now I need it (except I’d drive by bus) every day.
And I’m becoming a car-singer. That’s new too. While driving I have time to listen to the CDs I make just for the car and since I’m alone in the car and no one can actually hear me – I sing…a lot.
Especially One Direction is playing in my car like every day.

Do you have any favorite songs for the car?


  1. oh nooo!! one direction got to you too??? ;-p

    1. YES. and the worst is...i'm not even ashamed.

    2. omg!!! that's really bad. i can't believe i lost you to them too!! :-(